Sell Your Business

Look­ing to sell your busi­ness? Ever won­der how?

If you own your own busi­ness, ‘retire­ment’ doesn’t mean just get­ting a gold watch and walk­ing out the door one last time. It means prepar­ing your busi­ness for sale, max­i­miz­ing its value, find­ing a buyer, wor­ry­ing about tax issues, legal issues, and of course, confidentiality.

We can help!

We are experts in help­ing peo­ple exit their busi­ness in a way that max­i­mizes their return and pro­tects their confidentiality.

You’ve worked too hard to risk every­thing. It takes time, effort, and proper prepa­ra­tion to get what your busi­ness is worth. We can work with you to make oper­a­tional and finan­cial improve­ments that will increase the value of your business.

Per­cep­tion is everything!

What do poten­tial buy­ers look for? How do buy­ers per­ceive dif­fer­ent aspects of the busi­ness? Beal Con­sul­tants can help show your busi­ness in the best light from a buy­ers per­spec­tive, and enhance the busi­ness value.

It takes time to pre­pare for and han­dle the sell­ing process. Jug­gling that on top of a busi­ness and per­sonal life can be a lot for a busi­ness owner to han­dle. Beal Con­sul­tants can help you save time and money.

Beal Con­sul­tants can help you through the entire sell­ing process.

Con­tact Beal Con­sul­tants today for a free ini­tial consultation.

Have You Dreamed of Sell­ing Your Busi­ness? Take the Free “Sell­a­bil­ity Score” Quiz and Find Out How Your Busi­ness Would Mea­sure Up If You Really Tried To Sell It

Ever dream of sell­ing your busi­ness for big money and retir­ing to the good life? You may not be as far from turn­ing that dream into a real­ity as you think. Find out how your busi­ness would stack up if you really tried to sell it by tak­ing the free quiz and get­ting your Sell­a­bil­ity Score:

The Sell­a­bil­ity Score Soft­ware uses an advanced algo­rithm that weighs dozens of dif­fer­ent vari­ables to deter­mine how easy it would be to sell your business.

Devel­oped by John War­ril­low, author of Built to Sell: Cre­at­ing a Busi­ness That Can Thrive With­out You, this inno­v­a­tive soft­ware will tell you how your busi­ness would stack up if you tried to sell it today.

Once you know where you stand, you can start tak­ing the appro­pri­ate steps toward actu­ally sell­ing your busi­ness and walk­ing away with the fat nest egg you’ve been dream­ing about.

Take the “Sell­a­bil­ity Score” quiz now and find out:

  • The Sell­a­bil­ity Score of your busi­ness, includ­ing where it ranks on the scale of being easy or hard to sell.
  • Your best options for sell­ing your busi­ness depend­ing on your score.
  • The most impor­tant (and often over­looked) ques­tions you should ask your­self to deter­mine if your busi­ness is ready to sell.