We help peo­ple buy and sell busi­nesses and deter­mine their opti­mal exit strat­egy & suc­ces­sion plan. We can help you real­ize your dream, whether it is to buy into a good, prof­itable busi­ness or to exit from such a busi­ness to pur­sue retire­ment dreams. Con­tact us to learn more.


We help peo­ple buy, sell, value, start, and improve their busi­nesses — and we can help you real­ize your dream of own­ing a suc­cess­ful prof­itable busi­ness. Think­ing about a fran­chise or look­ing for ways to finance your busi­ness? Call us.

Beal Con­sul­tants helps peo­ple buy, sell, value, improve, and start busi­nesses. We deliver value-added ser­vices in the following areas:

  • Suc­ces­sion Planning/Exit Strate­gies
    Look­ing to retire? Great! Is your busi­ness ready for you to retire? Can you afford to retire? Do you know how to min­i­mize your tax bur­den when you are look­ing to sell or pass your busi­ness on to your chil­dren? We can help you under­stand the options that are avail­able to you. Think it’s too early? The ear­lier you start, the more your busi­ness can be worth, and the more options you have to min­i­mize taxes. If you’re think­ing of get­ting out within five or less years, start today!
  • Busi­ness Bro­ker­age
    Buy­ing and sell­ing a busi­ness is unlike any other trans­ac­tion you will do.  Each busi­ness is unique, each buyer is unique, and each seller is unique.  Beal Con­sul­tants can help you buy a busi­ness and sell your busi­ness with dis­cre­tion and confidence.
  • Busi­ness Val­u­a­tion
    Need to know what your busi­ness is worth? We help you deter­mine the value of it and under­stand the key dri­vers of that value, so you can know how to improve it.
  • Grow Your Busi­ness
    We can help make your busi­ness grow prof­itably using proven suc­cess strate­gies, step-by-step guide­lines and an abun­dance of insight from our expe­ri­ence in work­ing across a wide vari­ety of industries.
  • Busi­ness Start Up
    New busi­ness ven­tures need busi­ness plans to set direc­tion and strat­egy. Our busi­ness plans have been instru­men­tal for our clients in set­ting the stage for sus­tain­able busi­ness growth as well as in secur­ing financ­ing. We work with new busi­ness own­ers to exam­ine all areas of their busi­ness to ensure max­i­mum success.
  • Buy­ing a Fran­chise
    We work with you to make cer­tain you get an unbi­ased point of view when decid­ing whether or not to pur­chase a fran­chise. This has resulted in our clients mak­ing bet­ter decisions.